Barcelona travels

Spain has such amazing architecture! I was impressed by the architectural finishes which are extraordinary – all the buildings look alive. Antoni Gaudi, Spain’s most well-known architect, had a great influence over the city of Barcelona – all the decorative trims are his style. La Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi, which had the first cornerstone laid in 1882, is still being built today and is expected to be finished in 2026.

The lobby in the hotel H10 Cubik was an amazing space – open, round shelves backlit to showcase an array of books and decorative objects. It’s a mix of styles – leather seats, glass-topped tables on a wrought-iron frame and a textured rug.

Imagine taking a bath here beside a tranquil blue wall, broken only by a circle of fresh greenery and a collection of quirky ceramics with an overhanging chandelier of pastel porcelain prisms created by LLadro.

This delicate installation, with translucent discs, hung from the ceiling of a hotel restaurant, adding a touch of whimsy.

Stunning, oversize floral wallpaper, plush velvet stools, an underlit bar and movie-star round mirrors – who wouldn’t want to sit here to refresh your lipstick before going back into the dining-room of El Nacional Barcelona?

One of Gurdi’s houses – this one is more colourful than the style he’s usually known for with teal green/emerald shutters, decorative stained glass windows, signature style balconies and pastel-coloured mosaics.

Barcelona is architecturally stunning – I will always remember it. If you only ever go to one place, you’d have more inspiration from Barcelona than you’d need for the rest of your life.

France features in my next post – so chic!