St Joseph’s Open Houses 2019

St Joseph’s Open Houses has been providing design inspiration for forty years. Caroline was asked to style  one of the homes featured in this year’s Open Houses. This fabulous family home was also featured in the April Australian House and Garden magazine.

It was renovated recently by Jo MacIntyre at Beautiful Homes who designed the home’s new structure, and Caroline assisted the owners with the finishing touches and styling. The photographs are by Kirsten Bresciani. Caroline styled it for the magazine shoot, as well as the Open Houses.

The house is from the Victorian era and badly needed some attention with a leaking roof and other structural problems. The owners – a family of five – are thrilled with their renovated home.

Caroline followed the brief from Australian House and Garden magazine which was to pare this family home back to its essence so that the family clutter of daily life was minimised and the gorgeous features could shine.

When styling for Open Houses, Caroline focused on making sure this beautiful house looked like a wonderful family home, full of energy and life.

For the parents’ retreat, Caroline advised the owners to change it from a child’s bedroom to a parents’ retreat. Caroline chose a soft grey for the walls to create ambiance and beautiful linen drapes. She added a sofa bed, rug and coffee table, then brought in lamps, cushions and accessories.

The Tom Dixon copper bowls gleam on a marble table from Grazia and Co. The rug is from Armadillo and Co.

The stunning artwork by Rosetta Santucci in the parents’ retreat needed simple white shapes to offset the dramatic colours.

For the entry, Caroline chose Tom Dixon accessories in copper and a lamp with an inlay base. She added a new mirror to open up the space, which reflects the beautiful linen drapes from the parents’ retreat. The leafy green foliage arrangement with copper undertones was created by Caroline.

The main bedroom was the perfect place to show some colour with the owner’s lovely collection of jewellery. Caroline used the owner’s existing pieces to add some colour with ear-rings on a wooden tray and gorgeous blue jewellery boxes.


The family-room has a lovely corner, styled with an Eames chair in black leather and a stunning blue African feathered headpiece. The artwork is by Jade Piltz.

As well as display houses and magazine shoots, Caroline also styles for parties, weddings and events.